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マイルプログラム 12名のシンガポール理工学院生が日本を体験




MILE Program: 12 Singapore Polytechnic students experienced Japan

Kanazawa Technical College (KTC) welcomed 12 students and a teacher from Singapore Polytechnic (SP), which is our partner school, and carried out the international exchange program “MILE Program” for nine days from December 10th to December 18th.

The MILE Program is a program for SP students to have a homestay at KTC students’ homes, touch Japanese culture, and develop a better understanding of Japan while building a friendship. The MILE program has been held for the last 28 years.

On the afternoon of the 10th, the party arrived at Komatsu Airport from Singapore and met with the host families at KTC Plaza. On the 11th, they paid a courtesy visit to President Lewis Barksdale and others and enjoyed decorating a big Christmas tree with KTC students in the E lounge. They went on a sightseeing tour of Kanazawa and visited many places including the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Omicho Market, and Oyama Shrine, and participated in making “Makie”, the traditional Kanazawa craft. They also traveled to Shirakawago, where famous A-frame buildings and original Japanese landscape remain. They were pleased with the heavy snow and soaked in the fun atmosphere of being kids again. At KTC, they participated in the 4th-year Global Information Technology class and played business card games.

On the 15th, SP students hosted a farewell party in a joint lecture room. The party was livened up with a quiz tournament, Singapore sweets tasting, and a video, and photo slideshow of their stay in Japan. After that, they moved to the 21st building, where students, host families, and faculty members shared a meal and had a good time.

On the 16th and 17th, SP students enjoyed sightseeing and shopping with their host families and spent a heartwarming weekend as members of the Japanese families.

Through the program, the students were able to build deep friendships and gain valuable opportunities to know the differences between each other’s culture, life, and way of thinking.







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