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KTC Students Advance to the Finals of the National Technical College English Presentation Contest

The preliminary rounds of the 11th Technical College English Presentation Contest were held and the Kanazawa Technical College team was selected to compete in the national contest.

The contest aims to improve technical college students’ English presentation skills, promote friendships and exchanges among schools, and foster international engineers. This year, the contest has two categories; individual and team presentation. 17 teams from across Japan entered the team category.

For the preliminary rounds, each team had to submit a video presentation. Fourth-year students Shiho Kano, Kouta Shimada, and Kouki Yamamoto in the Department of Global Information Technology submitted the presentation titled “Gamers – Conflict on Different Dimensions”.

Yamamoto, who argued for computer games, and Shimada, who argued for tabletop games, debated the strong and weak points of computer and tabletop gaming. Kano played the role of host. They gave the presentation using clear English and meaningful gestures. All of them studied in New Zealand for a year.

The national contest will be held at the International Conference Room in International Exchange Building of National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on January 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun) next year.



チーム部門の予選は12月初旬までにビデオ審査で行われ、グローバル情報工学科4年の鹿野詩歩さん、嶌田皓太さん、山本皓貴さんのチームが、「Gamers ~Conflict on different dimensions~」と題したプレゼンテーションを応募。 コンピュータゲームを支持する山本さんと、ボードゲームを支持する嶌田さんが、それぞれのおもしろさをアピールするディベート形式のプレゼンテーションで、鹿野さんが司会役を務めています。3人は、そろって3年次にニュージーランドに1年間留学しており、滑らかな英語で、身振り手振りも交えながら表現豊かに発表しました。

全国大会は来年1月27日(土)・28日(日)に国立オリンピック記念青少年総合センター国際交流棟 国際会議室(東京都渋谷区代々木)で開催されます。