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ICT invited junior high school teachers and private-tutoring school teachers/private tutors to ICT information sessions.

47 teachers from junior high schools in Ishikawa visited KTC on October 18th.

They observed classes and had a look around the school. President Lewis Barksdale gave a speech and talked about the vision of ICT. He said, “In order to produce leaders of global innovation, we are beginning an educational program to provide students with the ability to produce new knowledge and new technologies. For this in addition to acquiring the knowledge, skills, and insight of creative engineers, they must be able to collaborate effectively with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds from around the world.” Vice President Mamoru Mukai explained about various ICT topics; student housing, studying abroad in New Zealand in their 3rd year, STEM in English, and Engineering Design education. He also explained about the entrance examination schedule and procedures. Participants concentrated on taking notes.

On 19th, ICT also invited private-tutoring school teachers and private tutors to an ICT information session. 36 teachers participated. On the both 18th and 19th, participants asked questions about student career path after graduation, collaboration with KIT, and entrance examinations. They developed a better understanding of what ICT will be.