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ICT participated in the Boarding School Fair.


3 schools including ICT, International School of Science (ISSJ), Hakuba International School (HIS) participated in the fair hosted by the media company, The International School Times. It was held on September 30th at the KIT Tokyo Toranomon Campus. Parents/guardians and cram school teachers attended.

Boarding schools are beginning to attract attention from all over the world. Other than ICT, there will also be several other boarding schools which will open in Japan in the future.

First, John Montgomery gave a lecture. He taught at international schools in Japan over 30 years. He taught many kinds of students, some of his former students went on to top boarding schools. He explained classes and student life at boarding schools. He said, “Parents have to think carefully whether they will send their children to boarding school. Because students are at a sensitive age and boarding school is located far from their home.”

After that, representatives from schools explained their characteristics, advantages, curriculum, and facilities of their schools. ICT President Lewis Barksdale gave a presentation about the characteristics of education at Hakusanroku Campus such as student housing, studying abroad in New Zealand, collaboration with university students, and STEM in English. Vice President Mukai answered questions about ICT at the information booth.






20170930 Boarding School Fair-3 Montgomery


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