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FD研修を実施 STEM教育のアイデア学ぶ




KTC held a FD workshop. The topic of the workshop was STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.

KTC invited Professor Ana Verissimo of Saga Medical School Faculty of Medicine, Saga University to give a lecture and hold a workshop on STEM education.

In STEM education, students develop a deeper understanding of the material covered in their classes. It is an education system which enables students to acquire scientific thinking skills and to create enthusiasm about learning.

She gave lectures on two themes in English. First, she talked about ways to teach STEM and included some examples of projects she has used in her classes. In her classes, she uses familiar things, including food and grasshoppers. She also introduced materials she made for her classes which are magazine layout designs. She also talked about the importance of making the public aware of what is happening in the classrooms. One way she does this is by broadcasting about what she teaches on the radio.

Next, she talked about STEM education for female students. She teaches STEM for female students in local junior high schools /high schools. She said, “Female students, compared to male students, feel difficult to understand STEM education, but they are active in PBL on science (Problem Based Learning). It is important to create an environment that female students acquire empathy for what they are doing.”

After that, Professor Matsushita talked about plans on Engineering Design education which will be a very important part of the ICT curriculum. Finally President Lewis Barksdale praised all the teachers’ hard work and encouraged them to do their best.



講演は「専門科目及び英語教育におけるSTEMコンテンツの実践的アイデア」「女子生徒を主なターゲットとしたSTEM教育」の2つのテーマで行われました。ヴェリッシモ教授は、数学、物理、情報といった科目を総合的に学ぶために、学生と教員が授業の内容を共有できるよう、食品や、バッタなどの生物、自然の仕組みといった身近な素材を扱ったり、学習内容を雑誌風にまとめたり、ラジオ放送を通してリスナーに活動内容を知らせたりしている事例を紹介。そのほかにも教科のテーマをマンガやアプリで学んだり、仮想のクラウドファンディングを設定してアイデアを発表するなどして、学生にとって魅力ある授業となるよう努めていることを述べました。また、ヴェリッシモ教授は地元の中学校や高校の女子生徒を対象としたSTEM教育にも取り組んでおり、「女子生徒は男子生徒よりSTEM教育に苦手意識を持つ傾向が見られるが、科学に関するPBL(Problem Based Learning:問題解決型学習)活動では積極的に活動している。女子生徒の活動にハイライトを当てて、活動内容に周囲から共感を得ることで自己肯定感を高める環境づくりが重要」と見解を示しました。最後に、ヴェリッシモ教授がプロデュースした、STEM教育を通して女子生徒のグループが成長するマンガが紹介され、女子生徒のSTEM教育への関心を喚起する取り組みとして、参加者は興味深そうに見入っていました。