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校長・学長がトークセッション これからの教育の姿探る




International College of Technology (ICT) 1st information session was held.

KTC President and KIT President talked about ICT and its educational system.

It was held on Saturday, May 20th at KIT Tokyo Toranomon Campus. 57 people, including parents/guardians of junior high school / elementary school students and cram school teachers attended.

First, Kaoru Nakahara, an English and international education researcher gave a lecture. She was involved in producing many TV shows for Japanese and overseas broadcast companies. She talked about current situation of education in a global world and recent trends in education in Europe and the United States.

After that, KTC President Lewis Barksdale and KIT President Satoshi Osawa held a panel discussion hosted by Mrs. Nakahara. The theme was ICT and the title of the presentation was “New higher educational system from age 15”. They talked about the significance of beginning STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education in English from a relatively early age. They also talked about collaborative learning transcending borders between the generations, disciplines, and cultures, and understanding the essentials of learning from pioneers of science and technology and using their ideas and discoveries.

After that, Vice President Mukai explained the admission schedule and the scope of the admission test.


ICT plans to hold information sessions and workshops on ICT education as follows:

2nd information session: Saturday, August 5th, “Design Thinking”

3rd information session: Saturday, October 28th,”Global Leader”

4th information session: Saturday, December 9th,”Innovation”



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「教育が変わる」をテーマに、ルイス・バークスデール校長と大澤敏金沢工業大学学長が意見を交わす「国際高専 第1回トークセッション」を5月20日(土)に金沢工業大学東京虎ノ門キャンパス(東京都港区愛宕1-3-4愛宕東洋ビル13階)で開催し、小~中学生の子供を持つ保護者や学習塾経営者、教育関係者など57名が参加しました。







  • 第2回 8月5日(土)  「デザインシンキング」
  • 第3回 10月28日(土)「グローバルリーダー」
  • 第4回 12月9日(土)  「イノベーション」