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KIT/KTC signed a memorandum of cooperation with Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Monday, March 6th. UMY became KTC’s sixth international partner institution.

Universitas Muhammadiyah is a private university and operates 166 higher educational institutions including 36 universities. UMY is one of them and is located in the historic city of Yogyakarta. It has 8 academic departments and 12,800 students. It hosted the Learning Express Program (Lex) 2013 when KIT/KTC first took part in the program. Since then, KIT/KTC and UMY have jointly taken part in Lex, student exchange programs, etc.

UMY and KIT agreed to build a mutually profitable relationships in academic exchange, research collaboration, and cultural exchanges. They will promote collaboration and cooperation including student, faculty, and staff exchanges.

UMY Rector Gunawan Budiyanto, Dean of Faculty of Engineering at UMY, Jazaul Ikhsan, Head of International Affairs Tony Khristanto Hariadi at UMY, Mr. Toshio Izumiya of Managing Director of KIT, KTC President Lewis Barksdale, and KIT President Satoshi Osawa attended the signing ceremony.




調印式はUMYからGunawan Budiyanto 学長、Jazaul Ikhsan 工学部長、Tony Khristanto Hariadi 国際交流部長の3名を招いて金沢工業大学益谷記念室で行われ、泉屋利郎理事長、ルイス・バークスデール校長、大澤敏金沢工業大学学長らが出席しました。