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ICT Summer School

ICT will open in April, 2018. ICT Summer School 2017 offers junior high school students the opportunity to learn about ICT classes. This program will be from August 21st through 23rd (3 days and 2 nights).
Students will take “Engineering Design” class, a main class at ICT, for 3 days which enables students to create new things and experiences. In the program, students will use English to communicate most of the time. Many foreign teachers will take part in the program, so students will have many chances to use their English. There will also be some activities in the Hakusan foothills such as barbecuing and going river-rafting.
You are welcome to take part in ICT Summer School 2017. Join us and experience our program!

Ishikawa Map

Time and place

Duration:Monday, August 21st - Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 (three days and two nights)
Place:Ogigaoka ,Hakusanroku, and Yatsukaho Research Campuses
Welcome guests:Junior high school students in their 2nd / 3rd year and their parents/guardians
Number of
students accepted:
Maximum of 24 participants (junior high students)
Participation fee:20,000 yen per person
Accommodation:Sena Cottage Village

Meeting place and time

JR Kanazawa station East Entrance (KenrokuenGuchi) 10 a.m.

Program Schedule


  • Opening ceremony / Introducing ICT
  • Ice Breaking Activity
  • Taking a tour of Ogigaoka campus
    Theme: "Redesigning the morning routine"
  • BBQ

Taking an Engineering Design class

"Engineering Design" is a main class in ICT curriculum. Students develop their own ideas, create, and learn through activity based learning.
Students will work on in teams to find and design a solution to a problem, using Design Thinking methodology which addresses the users’ needs and different values based on empathy.


  • Taking a campus tour of Yatsukaho Research Campus
  • Taking an Engineering Design class
    : Building prototypes (paper, clay, Lego Blocks, etc.)
    : Creating data (3D printer and laser cutter) in Yumekobo
  • River-rafting at Tedori Canyon
  • Taking a campus tour of Hakusanroku Campus
  • Visiting Hakusan Ichirinoonsen Ski Resort and see the illumination of "Hikarino Zenjodo trail"@Hakusan Ichirino Ski Resort

Creating things in the Yumekobo

Students will build prototypes to create things from their ideas in the Yumekobo. This building is equipped with various types of machines that students can use to create things.

Rafting in the Tedori Canyon

Rafting trip down the Tedori River, a clear stream flowing down Mount Hakusan.


  • Giving presentations
  • Closing ceremony
  • Breaking up (Kanazawa Station)

Giving presentations in English

Students will give presentations in English in teams on the last day of the program.
They will explain their ideas to solve a problem while showing their prototypes.

* The above schedule is subject to change due to the weather, etc.

How to apply

Please click and download the application form below in order to enter the necessary information and either send it to the address below as an attachment.
Application deadline:Tuesday, July 25th

ICT will respond to applicants by July 28th, informing students of their status.
For applicants from overseas, we will respond by E-mail.

Please note when you apply (Be sure to read through the below information):

  • ICT will take pictures and shoot videos during ICT summer school. These photos and videos will be on ICT web page, SNS such as Facebook, and press related materials. Agreement is required of all participants.
  • ICT will offer a program different in some parts for parents/guardians. Please ask about details.
  • If the number of applications exceed the number of places available, we will select a diverse group of participants. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Fees for parents/ guardians also participating in the program are 20,000 yen per person.
  • Transport expenses from your home to JR Kanazawa Station are not included.
  • There is no enrollment limit for parents/guardians.
  • For applicants from overseas, fees should be paid in cash on the first day of summer school.


Kanazawa Technical College Office

(+81) 76-248-9840 or (+81)76-248-1080

KIT Tokyo Toranomon Campus

(+81) 3-5777-2243


Ogigaoka Campus Hakusan Campus

We will hold the open campuses on the dates below. Please come at any time that is convenient to you.
August 19th, September 16th, October 14th, November 4th, November 25th

We will hold the open campuses on the dates below. Please come at any time that is convenient to you.August 19th, September 16th, October 14th, November 4th, November 25th



日程・会場 /Time and place

日程平成29年8月21日(月)~23日(水) 2泊3日
会場金沢工業高等専門学校 扇が丘キャンパス、白山麓キャンパスほか
定員 24名(保護者に定員はありません)


JR金沢駅 兼六園口(東口)  午前10時



  • 開校式・国際高専の紹介
  • アイスブレーク(ゲームやレクリエーション)
  • 扇が丘キャンパス案内
  • エンジニアリングデザイン体験
  • バーベキュー









  • 成果発表
  • 閉校式
  • 解散(金沢駅)







お申し込み方法/How to apply





  • サマースクールの様子は写真や動画で撮影し、国際高専ホームページやFacebook等のSNS、報道関係資料として使用いたします。ご同意いただける方のみお申し込みください。
  • 保護者の方が参加される場合は、中学生とは一部異なるプログラムをご用意します。詳しくはお尋ねください。
  • 応募が定員を超えた場合は抽選となります。地域や性別などのバランスを考慮して選考いたしますので、ご了承ください。
  • 同行される保護者の方の参加費は1名20,000円となります。
  • ご自宅から金沢駅までの往復の交通費は参加費に含まれません。
  • 保護者の方の定員は設けておりません。
  • 参加費のお支払いは銀行振り込みになります。


金沢工業高等専門学校 事務局

TEL 076-248-9840 または 076-248-1080
FAX 076-248-5548

金沢工業大学大学院 東京虎ノ門キャンパス 事務局

TEL 03-5777-2243


扇が丘キャンパス 白山麓キャンパス


国際高専オープンキャンパスも開催します。ぜひご参加ください 8/19・9/16・10/14・11/4・11/25