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Summer English Program アメリカ英語研修

Summer English Program
Summer English Program

Summer English Program [One month]

Brush Up your English in Summer!

Spend your 2nd summer break in the U.S.

  • Let's join 1-month English program at Saint Michael’s College (in Vermont).
  • Thanks to various programs, your English speaking ability improves fast!
  • The local students help you as Student Assistants. You’ll enjoy the weekend events with them, too.

About the English Program

Students take classes weekdays from 9 to 15:30. They learn English in various ways; making a self-introduction journal, playing a short drama that compared the difference between Japanese and American culture or taking Computer Science classes.

Student Assistant supports you strongly !

The local students support ICT students as Student Assistants (SA) not only in classes but also after school or weekend activities. You will make friends immediately, communicate in English, and make rapid progress in your spoken English.

What is Saint Michael's College ?

Saint Michael's College is located in Colchester, Vermont where was chosen one of the most beautiful and safest town in the United States.
Saint Michael's College has accepted foreign students since 1954, and has a good reputation for English education.
During the Summer English Program, various facilities in the campus are available to ICT students. They can receive services same as local students.
Most of the English teachers of ICT are from the graduate school of this college.

Saint Michael's College

Saint Michael's College

Where is Colchester, Vermont ?

Vermont is located in the northeastern part of the U.S., adjacent to New York, New Hampshire and Canada. It is the place full of nature.
Colchester, the hometown of Saint Michael's College is adjacent to Burlington, the biggest town in Vermont. It is surrounded mountains and lakes, beautiful and quiet town.

Summer English Program




  • セントマイケルズ大学(バーモント州)で1カ月の英語研修。
  • 多彩なカリキュラムで、グングン英会話力がUP!
  • 現地学生がアシスタントになり、週末のイベントも楽しみ!








Saint Michael’s College