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Our Vision 校長メッセージ

ルイス・バークスデール Lewis Barksdale

To foster creative innovartors who can collaborate with others to positively contribute to today's global world.

Kanazawa Technical College President

ルイス・バークスデール Lewis Barksdale


Innovation for a Fast-Changing World

As the pace of change in society, industry, and the workplace continues to increase, as science (understanding of the world) and technology (ability to change the world) rapidly advance, and as opportunities and needs of society constantly shift, we can never know in advance exactly what specific skills, attitudes, and knowledge today’s young people will need in order to function effectively in the future world. We no longer live in a world where we can graduate a student with a body of knowledge and a set of skills and expect that knowledge and those skills to be sufficient, or applicable, throughout an entire career. For today’s world, graduates must be able to learn and adapt, to seek opportunities, to meet and overcome challenges, and to see the big picture of the society they live in and their role in it. For this, young people must be empowered to take control of their own continuing life-long learning and growth.

As in society as a whole, in the workplace the need for innovative ways to meet new, often unexpected, challenges also increases. To successfully function in and contribute to society, our graduates will need to be able to find original and innovative solutions, based on sound analysis of problems and needs. In a world of constant change, the need for innovation will be constant. Innovation is both a set of attitudes and a set of skills. Innovation requires an open and inquiring mind, the inclination to think critically, and the fortitude to learn from setbacks. It also requires the ability to identify and analyze problems, to research and learn, to share and collaborate, and to create. AT KTC, our aim is to graduate innovators who can constantly learn from and respond to change while making the best of opportunities to bring about positive change.

In educating innovators, our focus is on three key areas: Creativity, Global Competence, and Motivation.

1. Creativity

Technology, a fundamental aspect of our lives, is creativity. It is an important way in which we interact with our environment to build our society and live our lives. It is part of what makes us human. Insight into the fundamental processes of engineering, and of the interaction of engineering with other aspects of society, is essential for all citizens, and an increasingly crucial part of preparation for contributing to society and leading an active, fulfilling life.

At KTC, we emphasize the design process of engineering in order to foster creativity and a sense of the values of monozukuri. Our framework for this is the CDIO Initiative…

2. Global Competence

The world economy is now integrated to the extent that almost every workplace has links with other workplaces around the world. No one today can afford to limit their vision to a particular locality, or to ignore opportunities afforded by interaction and collaboration with industry in other countries. To prepare our graduates for such opportunities, KTC offers a strong and motivating English language program, backed up by valuable opportunities for experiencing living abroad, and integrated with the technical and professional training.

3. Motivation

Learning anything worthwhile takes time and effort. I is therefore essential for the learner to have a strong personal commitment to learning. Such commitment comes from understanding the usefulness of the knowledge and skills to be learned, from a sense of moving forward toward a worthwhile goal, and from an ongoing sense of accomplishment. At KTC we take care to foster and maintain learner motivation. We do this on a variety of fronts. We ensure that the level of instruction matches each student’s current abilities. We provide a rich learning experience that goes far beyond books, blackboards, and lectures to include goal-oriented projects, hands-on learning experiences, collaborative learning, community and international service learning.

Again, Innovation

Innovation is quickly changing today’s world into tomorrow’s world, the world in which today’s young people will strive and flourish as innovators who continuously grow and develop in their skills and knowledge. KTC itself is ready to meet the rapidly-approaching challenges of tomorrow through continuous innovation.

ルイス・バークスデール Lewis Barksdale



ルイス・バークスデール Lewis Barksdale

1. 沿革

 日本は終戦からわずか十数年で、世界が驚くほどの経済発展を実現させました。その中心的役割を果たしたのは、日本が世界に誇る「ものづくり」の根幹を成す「技術」であったことはいうまでもありません。 その驚異的な日本の発展のはじまりを背景として、高専教育制度が誕生しました。技術立国としての地位を確立することを願い、社会はできるだけ多くの実践的な能力を備えた技術者の養成を求め、その願いは当時生まれたばかりの日本各地の高専に託されたのです。 そのような社会状況の下、昭和37年、本校は全国で最も早く創設されました。それから50年余り、今日まで15才からの徹底した先進的実学教育を実践し、地域に密着した私立高専として歩んできました。「人間形成」、「技術革新」、「産学協同」を建学綱領として、現在までに5,700名を超える卒業生を社会に送り出してきました。

2. イノベーション時代に生きる教育





 私たちの生活の根本を支えている「技術」とは、「創造性」なのです。それは私たちの環境と相互に作用して社会を築き、生活していくための、重要な方法なのです。それは私たち人間を人間としうる一部でもあります。エンジニアリング(工学)の基本的な過程への洞察と、エンジニアリングの社会におけるさまざまな側面との関わり合いを注視することは、すべての人々にとって不可欠です。創造性は、技術者として社会に貢献し、また技術者自身が活動的で充実した人生を送るために、ますます重要な要素となってきています。 本校では、創造性と「ものづくり」を通した価値観を養うため、デザイン手法、世界規模で進む革新的工学教育「CDIO」と連動した体験重視の工学教育、目標達成型プロジェクト、学生中心の研究活動、ロボットコンテストやプログラミングコンテスト、デザインコンペティションなどのコンテスト参加、そして豊かな心を育む一般教養教育を実施しています。





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